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„Golden Cone”


On January 28, 2011, “R GRUPA” became the laureate of the Forest Sector annual award, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Latvia “Golden cone” nomination “Innovative Entrepreneurship”.

R GRUPA pays serious attention to new specialist education and training processes. Therefore, at the beginning of the year 2010, in cooperation with the Latvian Association of Independent Timber Harvesting Companies, “R-GRUPA” developed the educational program and profession standard called “Forest Machine Operator”. Thus, the company made a significant investment in the preparation of new specialists and growth of forest management companies, which can now create new workplaces and develop their enterprises. 1.jpg

The award of the nomination “For Innovative Entrepreneurship” is granted for the most successful solution in the development and modernization of the company, in the implementation of innovative and environment-friendly technologies, in the manufacture of new products and attraction of investments during last two years.