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Sending of real-estate offer

We will evaluate your offer and respond you in five working days.

Send a harvesting requirement

We will evaluate your offer and respond you in five working days.




Solvita Krodziniece, the Manager of the Forest Management and Forest Machinery Department of the Ogre State Technical College

The Ogre State Technical College has a good cooperation with the team of “R GRUPA” employees. Thanks to your initiative, we have  implemented the professional education program “Forest Machinery Operator”. The company has realized qualification trainings where students from the technical college can practice the acquired skills and abilities in work with timber harvesting machinery. The company also employs the graduates of the Ogre State Technical College. It is without any doubt that our mutual cooperation ensures the quality and trust.

REFERENCE OF “Latvia’s State Forests”


Arnis Melnis, Director of „LVM Mežsaimniecība”, the branch of Joint Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests” 

“R GRUPA”  has proven itself as a trustable, professional and development-oriented cooperation partner of the Joint Stock Company “Latvia’s State Forests”. "R GRUPA" provides high work quality and efficient management of forest resources in planned deadlines. Investments, modern technologies and company employers have strengthened and promoted competitiveness and growth of “R GRUPA”. Such companies as "R GRUPA"  rises the level of professionalism and productivity in other Latvian timber harvesting companies.



Māris Šulcs, the Head of the Timber Procurement Department, Swedwood Latvia

Our cooperation with “R Grupa” has been positive only. I can say shortly and clearly: “fast, qualitative, and secure”.



Oskars Krutāns, “Piebalgas”

Our Cooperation lasts for several years already. Timber supplied to our company always complies with determined requirements and supplies are always performed in time and good quality.