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Sending of real-estate offer

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Send a harvesting requirement

We will evaluate your offer and respond you in five working days.


The key assignment of a sustainable forest management is forestry property establishing with lasting value.

“R GRUPA” is a Latvian forestry company that highly values property in Latvia.  We believe that the task of sustainable forest management is to govern the forest property as a lasting value by increasing  forest funds, preserving the biological multiplicity, maintaining hunting areas, and by practising sustainable forest management.

For thousands of years, the forest has grown and developed without human participation. As soon as a man discovered the necessity in timber, and the need to expand the populated territories, he interfered in the natural environment of the forest.

Nowadays, a sustainable and smart forest management prescribes restoration, cultivation and rarefaction of forest, thus regulating both composition and thikness of the forest.

Forest management cycle consists of:

preparation of soil;

restoration of forest (both natural and artificial – by planting or sowing);

agrotechnological cultivation during the first years;

young growths cultivation (at least once in five years for leaf trees and at least once in 10 years for conifer trees)

care of composition of stand;

sanitary cutting in mitigated and damaged stands;

final fellings -  in stands that have reached the cutting age.

The company purchases forest properties all over Latvia territory by evaluating every forest stand separately.

For forest property evaluation, the following documents are necessary:

Copy of the land book;

property border plan with forest plots;

characteristics of the plot (taxation description).